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Product Name:
Poly(ethyl vinyl ether)
EC No:
POLY(VINYL ETHYL ETHER); BASF Lutonal A25; ehbc,edbc,ebdc,ehb-m,lutonala25,lutonala50,luthonala20,bakeliteehbm,bakeliteehbc,ethoxy-ethenpolymers;Ethoxyethene Ethoxyethylene 109-92-2 25104-37-4 1-Ethoxyethene 1-Ethoxyethylene EVE Ethene, ethoxy Ethene, ethoxy- Ether, ethyl vinyl Ether, ethyl vinyl (inhibited) Ether, vinyl ethyl Ethyl ethenyl ether Ethyl vinyl ether NSC8405 Vinamar Vinyl ethyl ether Vinyl ethyl ether, inhibited WLN: 2O1U1 182656_ALDRICH 422177_ALDRICH ZINC01586657 Bakelite EHBC Bakelite EHBM EBDC EDBC EHB-M EHBC Ethene, ethoxy-, homopolymer Ethene, ethoxy-, polymers (8CI) Ether, ethyl vinyl, polymers (8CI) Ethyl vinyl ether homopolymer Ethyl vinyl ether polymer Luthonal A 20 Lutonal A 25 Lutonal A 50 POLYVINYLETHYLETHER Poly(ethyl vinyl ether) Poly(vinyl ethyl ether) Vinyl ethyl ether homopolymer Vinyl ethyl ether polymer 4-01-00-02049

Product Introduction

Light yellow to yellow oily transparent liquid

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